about grammar checker pro

About Grammar Checker Pro

We’re a team of dedicated and talented individuals who believe content is the backbone of digital assets. In order to make your business, project or even academic successful – you’d need to excel in your communication and writing skills. We understand how challenging it can become in the process of mastering “writing” – as, it’s an art, which requires practice, dedication, and the right tool (weapon) to be an ultimate warrior.

Our team dedicated all the time in helping our readers with the best practices, tools, and vision to become a champion (or Grammar Nazi). Our goal is to review each available Grammar Checker and Plagiarism tool in the market, to give our audience the best options to use.

Our review process includes the following ingredients:

  • We sign up and/or purchase Grammar Checking software
  • We test the product on all environments including; PC, Mobile, Tablets – both web and native app versions
  • We go through the legals and customer support
  • We draft our review and make sure everything we have written is aligned to the offerings
  • We share it with our audience (which is you) to help you make better decisions