Affiliate Disclosure

According to the latest Compliance requirements released by The Federal Trade Commission, website owners need to disclose their relationship with the products and services promoted on their website.

The guidelines issued by The Federal Trade Commission guarantee that readers and viewers of web media are informed if the blogger or publisher is funded, supported, or partnered with another company. Readers need to know whether the content publisher is getting incentives in exchange for suggesting a brand or its services on the website.

Grammar Checker Pro is an independent identity and solely operates independently, with no sponsorship or funding from any company. However, we are affiliated with some of the companies mentioned on the website – and we receive an affiliate commission if any purchase happens from the referral made by Grammar Checker Pro.

On external affiliate company websites, purchases are made. When a website reader clicks on an affiliate link on to make a purchase, the reader purchases the item directly from the seller (not from Amazon and other businesses pay a minor fee or further compensation to us for helping to attract consumers to their website.

For readers, whether they buy it from an affiliate connection or a non-affiliate link, the rates are the same. The price or any other information for the visitor is not altered by clicking an affiliate link and clicking a non-affiliate link. However, our partnered websites offer special discounts to our website’s readers – and you may entitle to it, depending on the promotion they are running at that point in time.
Grammar Checker uses two main types of affiliate programs:

Grammar Checker Pro is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate promotional Program intended to provide website owners with a way of collecting fees by connecting to and related websites that may be affiliated with the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Content publishing websites tend to earn a commission if a purchase happens from the product affiliate links. Some companies pay commission for a lead/sign up; however, many only rewards an affiliate website if a final purchase happens. is bound to share unbiased views and reviews to help readers get the best information they are looking for. If a lead is generated or purchase happens, a tier-based commission is awarded to the website.

We don’t accept sponsored posts on GrammarCheckerPro. Our vision is to educate the industry with best practices and relevant products and services to cater to individual and business needs.

However, we accept requests to review a product or service relevant to the niche we are operating in. This aims to welcome newcomers in the industry and help them reach out to an audience looking for a similar product.