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Privacy Policy of Grammar Checker Pro

At we have a legal obligation to protect the privacy of our readers. For attaining this purpose, we have designed and maintained a privacy compliance framework under which our readers can have their rights concerning their information and privacy.

This Privacy Policy is designed to inform the readers about data we collect, how we use it, with whom we share it, and other uses of the collected data. Our privacy policy applies to all visitors who wish to access This summary is designed to provide readers with the highlights in an easy-to-understand language.

Before you visit our website, we advise you to read this policy.

What Data Do We Collect?

A few times, readers hand over their information to and that is all the information we have of our visitors. Here’re more details of how and when we collect data from our readers. 

What Data do Visitors Hand Over to Us?

Suppose a reader wishes to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on newly published articles, product alerts, and news. In that case, they may subscribe to our newsletter and email service by providing their name and email ID.

We may conduct polls & surveys in the future, and a reader may be invited to participate by providing valuable feedback or suggestions on any said topic. He/she may be asked to provide more personalized information such as date of birth, education, career, profession, or other details. Just keep in mind that these polls & surveys are conducted for website service enhancement.

Alert: Any information that a visitor post on in the form of comments or reviews is accessible to all other visitors and can be copied. We are not responsible for any information that a visitor openly posted on our website’s comment section or social platforms.

What Data Automatically Collected by Us?

Following are the source which automatically collects data on behalf of

Google Analytics

Upon accessing, visitor’s details like IP address, OS name, device model, country, city, and time of using the website will automatically be collected via Google analytics. The purpose of gathering such data is to improve users’ website experience. This information is used solely to evaluate the use of our website. 


We may use “cookies” and other anonymous web tracking technologies on A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters embedded in the reader’s computer as he/she visits When a reader revisits the, the cookie will allow the website to recognize the reader’s browser. Cookies are used to collect data and profile a user’s online preferences and other information. This user profile is solely based on the interaction he/she made on the

A reader has all the rights to refuse to accept cookies. A user may be indicated via a pop-up appearing on the browser’s top as the cookies are sent. If a reader declined to accept cookies, he/she might be unable to use some features or services on the website. In some cases, websites may be unavailable to the reader without accepting the cookies.

How Do We Use The Collected Information?

The readers’ information can be used for several purposes. Here are the details:

Provision of our Services to Visitors 

We may use the data to provide our services to readers by offering forums and communities, displaying personal reviews of products or services, managing user accounts, customer support, and relationship management.

Newsletter & Promotional Emails

We may use readers’ email ID to send a monthly newsletter, promotional emails, surveys, contests, affiliate promotions, affiliate updates, product details, product announcements, and alerts based on Privacy Policy or Term of Use changes our website.


For providing advertising based on readers’ interests and interactions, including licensing segments of User Information to third parties.

For User Engagement and Improving Services

To communicate with readers regarding news items and other information they may be interested in via any means, including email, social platforms, text messages, or brochures.

With Whom Do We Share Our Readers’ Data?

The data we collected via can be accessed by our affiliates, suppliers, and other services to conduct duties on our behalf. All parties are entitled to confidentiality requirements when dealing with consumer data and are strongly prohibited from using such data for personal use.

We may share your personal information with:

  • Our affiliates for internal business collaborations
  • When requested by authorities and required by law and regulations
  • When government agencies require information to be exchanged to meet national security standards
  • If in a scenario where there’s a chance of physical harm or financial loss to the company with an investigation to suspected illegal activity
  • We may share readers’ information with advertisers to inform them about the nature of our user base.
  • If we sell, merge or move the business together with the assets, we may provide users’ details, but we will try to offer our readers an adequate notification via email. We would remind all our customers of transfers of ownership and options about personal information – either to share with their consent or at their discretion.

How Long Do We Keep Users’ Data?

We may keep the visitor’s email ID which he/she has handed over to us when subscribing to the newsletter. We do not ask for any other personal information. We do not sell any product on our website, so we do not collect any readers’ financial data. We are not responsible for any data collected via our affiliate partners to purchase their services that are marketed on

How Do We Protect User’s Data?

We and our affiliate entities implement data security systems and procedures to secure the data transmitted, processed, and stored on Our website and data servers are encrypted by using an SSL certification. We ensure constant monitoring for secure transmitting of users’ data from our system to third-party servers.

We use third-party processing and storing services that implement various information security standards and certifications (at rest and transmission). We constantly monitor and filter access to data when it comes to personnel in our organization. Such security practices reduce the risk of data breaches. But they do not provide absolute security, as there is no such thing on the Internet.

We try to protect our readers’ information, but we do not guarantee 100% protection against data breaches.

How Our Readers Can Discard Or Stop Sharing Their Data With Us?

As the data owner, our reader has the full right to discard or erase his/her information from our website. Our readers can erase their data from using the following methods:

  • Unsubscribed from the email list to prevent getting the newsletter, promotions for advertisements, product details, or some other kind of email.
  • Block cookies to avoid sharing IP, interest, system and device information, browser information, and browsing pattern.
  • As mentioned above, our advertisers and we will serve ads based on users’ interest; if a reader wishes to opt for the advertisement, he/she can block ads on the browser.

You can email us at if you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy or your data security.