8 Best Writing Utensils You Should Add In Your Arsenal Today

best writing utensils

Behind every successful article, blog, book, or essay published today, there are a number of efficient tools and items that made writing possible. These tools or writing utensils are essential for not only bringing your ideas and imagination to life but keeping you organized and streamlining your work.

Since there are a hundred writing utensils available today, beginner writers, especially those on a tight budget, can get confused about which utensils to invest in and which to skip.

As part of the writing community, we understand how important it is to have the right tools with you. So, we decided to prepare a list of writing utensils that would help you become a great writer. Make sure to read our writing tips guide – as we compiled some great suggestions to be more successful with writing.

The best writing utensils

Without further ado, here are 8 of the best and most important writing utensils you’d need both digitally and traditionally.

1. Pens and highlighters

While there are numerous free and paid writing software on the internet, many still prefer using pen and paper to write down their speeches, essays, and prose. If you like writing traditionally, then having the right pen is crucial.

Pens that run out of ink quickly, have weak nips, and write with inconsistent thickness can slow down your work process and don’t look as neat on paper.

There are several varieties of pens, including ballpoint, ink pens, gel pens, calligraphy pens, highlighters, markers, pencils, charcoal pencils, corrector pens, etc. For basic writing, we recommend using gel pens and ballpoints.

You can use ink pens if you’re writing brief passages or poetry. Highlighters are important if you want to go back and make edits, research a fact, etc. Regular and charcoal pencils are good for adding illustrations.

Our favorite ballpoint pen is the Paper Mate Retractable Pen. For gel pens, we recommend trying this Pilot G2 Pack. And our favorite refillable ink pen is the Parker Jotter Fountain Pen. Lastly, for pencils, you can order the Amazon Basics box.

2. Notebooks

What’s a pen when there’s no notebook to draft your next best-selling novel, right?

A high-quality notebook or journal significantly improves your writing experience by not only turning out neat pages but safekeeping everything you write in order.

Having a personal journal is also important so you can keep track of your thoughts and explore other possible topics you’d like to discuss in your prose.

Our personal favorite notebooks include the Amazon Basics Classic Notebook, Moleskin Notebook, and Amazon Basics Leather Journal.

3. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are easily one of the handiest utensils, even if they’re often forgotten about when making a list of writing supplies you need. Whether you’re writing digitally or on paper, sticky notes are immensely helpful in making short notes.

These notes may be about a specific page you need to revise, a fact or stat you want to add to your article later, a new character arc you’re exploring in your story, plot points you don’t want to forget, etc. You can use different colors of sticky notes for specific goals. Sticky notes can also double as bookmarks.

Since every phone and PC comes with a built-in sticky notes app, you don’t have to worry about downloading any new software.

If you’re looking for sticky paper notes, try these 3×3″ colorful ones from Amazon.

4. Grammar-checking apps

Grammar-checking apps are a lifesaver for every writer. They can easily pair up with your writing software and not only correct your grammar and sentence structures but suggest synonyms, change in narration, and more.

Even if you’re writing on paper, you can look up any word or line on an online grammar-checker and make edits.

There are tons of online grammar-checking software. Grammarly is possibly the most famous option as it offers both free and premium versions and syncs with nearly every writing app. ProWritingAid, PaperRater, and WhiteSmoke are all popular among bloggers. Ginger and LanguageTool are also noteworthy contenders.

5. Efficient digital writing software

A digital writing software is the most basic requirement for any writer. Even if you prefer writing your novels, books, etc., traditionally, you still have to type them in before printing. As such, installing a smooth-functioning and reliable writing app is essential.

MS Word, Google Docs, Scribus, FocusWriter, Evernote, Freedom, etc., are excellent writing software for PC. JotterPad, IA Writer, Ulysses, Markor, and Novelist are solid writing apps for phones and tabs. Word and Docs are also available for phones.

6. Writing desk

Our next utensil is a writing desk, which is pretty important if you want to dedicate a lot of your time to your craft. A writing desk is essential for placing your computer, and if you’re writing traditionally, keeping your other utensils at hand.

A writing desk is especially needed if you’re writing on paper to manage things. Your productivity goes up quickly when you’re sitting down at a desk instead of working while laying in bed. You also get more time to ponder and ultimately boost creativity.

Now we’re not asking you to empty your wallet on a large, polished wood table. You can pick up any small table from IKEA or Target. Our top picks include this Ameriwood Desk, the Furinno Simplistic Table, and Joiscope Home Office Table if you want to order online.

7. Table lamp

It’s not uncommon for writers to become night owls- some of us are most creative during nighttime. To assist your writing runs in the dark, always keep a table lamp with you.

Even if you’re writing on your PC, use a USB keyboard light or table lamp at night to prevent eyestrain and headaches from staring into the screen for too long.

Plus, table lamps come in millions of styles and hundreds of colors to complement your room. Lamps are a fun way to make your room more aesthetic.

Our top picks for table lamps include this Smart LED Lamp, the Esco Industrial Table Lamp, and the Simple Designs Fabric Shade Lamp. The Ebyphan Touch Light is perfect if you need a USB Light for your keyboard instead.

8. Writing mug

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly all dedicated writers are coffee junkies- we all need an adrenaline rush to push through the tedious hours of work.

That’s why every writer should own a durable and spill-proof mug that keeps the heat in for a long time.

Our personal favorite leak-proof and heat-insulating coffee mugs are the Goodful Coffee Mug, the Contigo Snapseal Byron Travel Mug, and the Leidfor Coffee Travel Mug.

So which of these writing utensils are you using?

Now that we know the perfect ingredients to become a successful writer. It is now time to start using the best writing utensils and practice your writing on paper or on digital platforms.

On top of the tools you’d use, it is also important to stay on top of your game and keep learning new things. We have prepared a list of some great writing advices that are not so good. And we recommend you recheck the reference before you bring them into practice. Also, do check our guide on how to avoid plagiarism before you submit your content for review.

In the end, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what writing utensils you love the most – and any other – that you’d like to make part of the content.